Sermon Preparation Course Introduction


This course has been taught at Evangelical University and Seminary in Plant City, FL  The purpose is examine every aspect of Sermon preparation including the man, the models, the manner, and the method. It will deal with preparation, exegesis, organization, and presentation. The objectives are: 1. to have each student read and reflect on the assignments, 2. To develop the ability to utilize texts in the construction of Sermons, 3. To learn how to outline, organize, illustrate and apply messages, 4. To understand the dynamics of preaching to people, 5. To understand the divine calling and obligation of preaching.


In the Seminary course there are assigned readings and projects. The posting on this site is only the lectures. For those interested in the readings, the assignments will appear in the outline for the course opposite each lecture title. The sources are all identified in the bibliography below. The first grouping is the primary texts which I consider indispensable to a study of homiletics. The second is the supplementary texts. The primary readings are in group one, and the rest of the readings are in group two. A third group of books is offered for further perusal as instructions, varied examples of preaching, or useful reference works for the preacher’s library. In addition to the readings the students were required to listen to two classic sermons in class and to analyze them. They are available on CD and are identified at the end of the bibliography.


Assignments beyond the reading, in the seminary course, consisted of three parts. 1.Developing sermon outlines from assigned texts, 2.Written sermons critiqued and graded, 3.Preached sermons accompanied by written manuscript which were also critiqued and graded. Any reader wishing to pursue this further by participating in such assignments may contact me personally through the website.


Group 1

Broadus, John A, On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, NY: Harper and Row, 1979, Reprint, First Ed. 1870, ISBN 0-06-061112-X
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The Preacher and Preaching, Ed. Samuel T. Logan Jr., Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1986, ISBN 0-87552-294-7

Group 2

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Group 3

Adams, Jay E, Pulpit Speech, Nutley: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1971
A Dictionary of Contemporary American Usage, Ed. Bergen & Cornelia Evans, New York: Random House, 1957, LCC# 57-5379
Alexander, Archibald, The Glory in the Grey, London: H. R. Allenson Ltd., (No Date)
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Farmer, Herbert H, The Servant of the Word, Philadelphia, Fortress Press, 1942, LCC# 64-20405, lists many resources for the ministry including an entire section of books on preaching.
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CD Sermons: The Method of Grace by George Whitefield and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards. Both available from The Listener’s Bible on the internet, either as part of a set of CD’s entitled “Classics of the Christian Faith,” or as individual paid downloads