Outline of Romans

I The Gospel Paul Proclaimed
A Called 1:1-7
B Concerned 1:8-15
C Committed 1:16 and 17
II The Gospel and Man’s Need
A The Predicament 1:18-21
B The Punishment 1:22-32
C The Peril 2:1-16
III The Gospel and Jewish Need
A False Confidence 2:17-3:8
B Full Concession 3:9-20
IV The Gospel and the Law
A Explanation of Righteousness 3:21-26
B Elimination of Boasting 3:27-31
V The Gospel in the Old Testament
A Justification without Circumcision 4:1-15
B Justification without Works 4:16-25
VI The Gospel and Reconciliation 5:1-11
VII The Gospel and imputation 5:12-21
VIII The Gospel and Identification
A Reckoning our Situation 6:1-11
B Realizing our Servitude 6:12-23
IX The Gospel and Indwelling Sin
A Released from the Law 7:1-6
B Revealed by the Law 7:7-13
C Rescued without the Law 7:14-25
X The Gospel and Insight 8:1-11
XI The Gospel and Indebtedness
A Spiritual Sonship 8:12-16
B Spiritual Deliverance 8:17-27
XII The Gospel and Confidence 8:28-39
XIII Election and Grace
A The Aspect 9:1-13
B The Argument 9;14-24
C The Application 9:25-33
XIV Election and the Plan
A All through Faith 10:1-15
B All through Failure 10:16-21
C All who Believe 11:1-10
D All Israel Included 11:11-36
XV Spiritual Gain
A Gratitude 12:1 and 2
B Gifts 12:3-8
C Graces 12:9-21
XVI Spiritual Service 13:1-14
XVII Spiritual Freedom 14:1-23
XVIII Spiritual Unity 15:1-13
XIX Spiritual Vision 15:14-33
XX Spiritual Parting Advice 16:1-27