Outline of Colossians

Outline of Colossians

I The Mystery of Christ

A The Revelation of God-1:1-23
1 Particulars-1:1-8
2 Prayers-1:9-23
a Petitions 1:9-11
b Possibilities-1:12-20
c Purpose-1:21-23

B The Role of Paul-1:24-2:5
1 The Contest-1:24-25,29,2:1
2 The  Commission-1:25-28,2:2-5

C The Regulation of False Teachers-2:6-23
1 Warning-2:6,7
2 Words-2:8-15
3 Weakness-2:16-19
4 Works-2:20-23

II The Man in Christ

A Challenge-3:1-11

B Conduct-3:12-4:1
1 Fellowship-3:12-17
2 Family-3:18-21
3 Function-3:22-4:1   

C Concerns-4:2-6

III Miscellaneous Matters-4:7-18